A shared passion for plants brought a vegetable growing expert and an aspiring chili enthusiast together in a greenhouse this year. Together they embarked on an exciting journey...

It became obvious that climate change was also affecting the chili market. It is no longer acceptable that we mainly find chilies from Africa, China or at least Holland in the supermarket. We have therefore made it our mission to emphasize the importance of regionality. This should counteract the challenges of international supply chains and at the same time create awareness for seasonal products. Chilies in February that are advertised as "fresh" are simply not justifiable.

Due to our own thirst for research and the demand from our environment and customers, we have rapidly expanded our range. In addition to the well-known varieties such as chocolate habanero, chilli peppers and jalapeño, we added charapitas, bell chillies and scorpions in a second step.

The greenhouses we use are spacious. Do not hesitate to express your wishes and we will do our best to fulfill them in the next growing period.

Our philosophy is to be open and flexible, because this is what our current planet demands of us. A new generation of vegetable producers is emerging here, with the right level of enthusiasm and inner drive to meet the demands of the future.